The Fun Way to Save on Groceries

MySupermarket offers a unique new service that lets you fill your basket before deciding which supermarket to check out with for the best deal!
  • See your bill updating at at Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Ocado as you add your chosen items
  • Earn double loyalty points when you shop through MySupermarket
  • It's free
  • Save 20% on your grocery shopping with our smart service
  • MySupermarket also compares nutritional values. Try the unique 'Swap and Cut' calorie saving gadget
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The Best Supermarket Prices UK

MySupermarket is an innovative, free and independent service that allows you easily to get the best deals on what you usually buy, while pointing out cheaper and healthier alternatives too!

You shop, and as you put your groceries into your basket, you’ll see your basket value updating in real time, for each of the supermarkets (Adsa, Ocado, Teso and Sainsbury’s). Then at the end, you choose which one to check out with.

What if you want an item that only one of the supermarkets sells? You usually buy, say, Sainsbury’s finest coleslaw... Well MySupermarket can easily identify the equivalent item from the other supermarkets, and shows them to you for you to choose.